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Dynamic Stainless Steel Travel ID Tag QR Code for Luggage. Once activated  allows you the ability to change your luggage profile to any destination on demand in your dashboard. No Activation Fee, Unlimited Scans.


Durable Travel ID Tag with advanced Qr Codes for your luggage OR?

Travel ID Tag QR Code for Luggage or ???

  • Laser engraved Qr Code linked to your private profile here @
  • Made Of Stainless Steel
  • Easy to read “Scan if Lost”  to direct access to your information.
  • You can update your travel destinations, hotel or other contact information instantly.
  • In case of loss the airport staff will be able to follow instruction for a fast recovery of your luggage.
  • Two luggage tag options color: Black and White.
  • Strong steel loops made from  stainless steel screw closure.

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Black Stainless, White Stainless, Black PVC, White PVC

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