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Common Questions

Yes you can change anything about your QR Code at anytime as many times as you like.

Once the QR is created, the URL they redirect to can be changed, while the code remains the same. That means you can reuse one QR code multiple times by changing the URL or its function.

YES If you create a QR Code and select the “Build Your Own Page” and save the QR Code this will activate our page builder feature where you can get creative. The QR Code when scanned will be directed to your landing page.  You can edit this page as much as you want. Give it a try!

Yes We Highly Encourage It.  This is a fast way to share information when showing your QR Code.

You can also download different QR Codes for different reasons and different functions.

The average user here at QR Space has at least 3 QR Codes on their phones.

Yes Once you save your QR Code our system allows you to make changes at any time in your dashboard as well as make more QR Codes if you want.


Yes!  You can create a QR Code and then change the function and or the destination whenever and however many times you choose.


Yes you have the choice of colors and the ability to add a logo (even a photo) and even control the size of your QR Code which can also be changed at any time.

NO LIMITS! You can create as many QR Codes as you want or need.

NO LIMITS! QR Codes created on this website do not have any scanning limitations.

A dynamic QR code is a type of QR code that can be edited and updated with new information even after it has been created. Unlike static QR codes, which contain the encoded data directly, dynamic QR codes store a short URL that redirects the end user to the target data. This means that you can change the content of a dynamic QR code without having to create a new one each time.

Dynamic QR codes offer many benefits over static QR codes, such as the ability to track scanning activity, add password protection to the encoded data, and capture leads. They are widely used in marketing campaigns, product packaging, and other applications where the target data may need to be updated frequently.

ANYWHERE! Once you create your QR Code you can link to any page that is accessible on the internet and is changeable anytime in your dashboard. Did You Know.. QR Codes can make phone calls send text messages?


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